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Welcome to the California Western Dressage Association®
California’s Official State Affiliate of the Western Dressage Association® of America
Your "go to" place for everything Western Dressage

Countdown to the Best Celebration Ever!
Countdown to the Best Celebration Ever!

Our Mission is Education

The California Western Dressage Association, and its parent organization, the Western Dressage Association of America,  provide venues, forums, and resources for riders of all horse breeds to learn to improve balance, cadence, and carriage of both horse and rider.

By combining the disciplines of dressage with the philosophies of western riding, we seek to improve our partnership with our horse. Our goal is a happier, more sound horse, and a more aware and knowledgeable rider.

Achieving these goals is a journey of technique, learning, growth, practice, and patience.


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California Western Dressage Association

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