2018 CAWDA Statewide High Point Standings

The California Western Dressage Association Statewide High Point is brought to you in part by our sponsors.  CAWDA thanks the following sponsors for their support (scroll down page to view standings):

Luna Tunes Freestyles

Luna Tunes LogoDressage Freestyles and Western Dressage Freestyles


Sponsor of the 2018 Amateur Freestyle Award

The 2018 CAWDA Statewide High Point is on!  To qualify for the year end high point, riders must show at a minimum of 3 designated CAWDA high point shows and must submit a minimum of 5 scores.

For complete rules, go to  https://www.cawda.org/2018-cawda-statewide-high-point-rules/

For a list of CAWDA approved high point shows, go to https://www.cawda.org/2018-cawda-statewide-high-point-shows/

Q = qualified
+ = number of shows attended or scores submitted exceeds the number of shows or scores needed to qualify (only top 5 scores are counted).