2018 CAWDA Statewide High Point Rules

The CAWDA Statewide High Point is On! Save your tests! The CAWDA 2018 High Point Competition is on! The CAWDA is offering 2018 Statewide High Point Awards for Open, Amateur (18 & over) and Youth (13 & under, 14-17) Rider/Horse combination and awards for all levels as well.  The High […] Read more »

The Right Horse for Western Dressage

So many breeds of horses to choose from – which makes the best Western Dressage horse? The answer is…it depends! Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding which horse is right for you. Choosing Your Goals for Now and Beyond If you are just getting started in Western Dressage, […] Read more »

Warm Up Ring Etiquette

by Nicole Chastain Just in time for the WDAA Western Dressage World Championship Show, Nicole Chastain brings us some tips on surviving and thriving in that most dreaded of arenas: The warm up ring!  Nicole has navigated the warm up rings of many western disciplines (including cow events), hunter/jumper arenas, eventing […] Read more »

Footfalls in Rhythm: The Musical Freestyle

This month, I had the opportunity to speak with Cynthia Collins of LunaTunes Freestyles. Cynthia started riding to music thirty years ago, to help herself with tempo. She learned a lot about what makes a great freestyle when she began putting her own freestyles together and competing in traditional dressage. Now she […] Read more »

Dealing with Show Nerves – Reclaim Your Competitive Edge

By Kaili Graf Our August guest blogger is Kaili Graf of Speak Equine in Ventura, CA. Kaili’s passions lie in the how, why, what and when of equine behavior. She studied equine ethology, biomechanics, physiology and genetics abroad before forging her career in the training field. Kaili ran the Willing Partners Program […] Read more »

Shocking Western Dressage Secret Exposed!

It’s time to talk, because we all do it. We just don’t think about it. And that’s the problem. It’s what you do when you and your horse have worked hard and earned a break. It’s what happens when schooling is done and you throw away your reins, let your horse flop […] Read more »