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CAWDA Holiday Show Rules

Thank you for entering the 2020 CAWDA Holiday Show!  Please read the rules governing our show below:

1.    The Holiday Online Show timeline is:

  • Registration Period Open – 9/30/20 (period to enter classes)
  • Registration Period Closed – 10/21/20 (deadline for registering)


  • Test Submission Period Open – 10/21/20 (period to submit video links)
  • Test Submission Period Closed – 11/4/20 (deadline to submit video links)


  • Judge’s Test Scoring Completed – 12/4/20
  • Class Tallying and Placing Completed – 12/18/20


  • Prizes Awarded Online – 12/20/2020
  • Virtual Class Viewing Period – 12/20/2020


You may view the timeline here: 2020 Holiday Show Timeline


2.    You must follow all the WDAA Recognized Online Show Guidelines for Exhibitors (WDAA ROSGE).  The link is 


3.    Exhibitors whose videos do not comply with the WDAA ROSGE will not be judged or awarded prizes.  CAWDA will contact the exhibitor to resubmit any video that does not comply.  Resubmitted videos must be submitted before the show deadline or will not be accepted.  There is no grace period for entries that must be resubmitted.  There is no class refund for any entry where the rejected video could not resubmitted.


4.    CAWDA does not provide a video upload service.  Upload your videos on hosting platforms such as or Google Drive.  Enter your uploaded video url link for each class at 


5.    All videos submitted must be publicly viewable and must remain publicly viewable through the December 21, 2020.  Any video where public viewing has been revoked before December 21, 2020, will be disqualified.  We will be publishing the links on our website for viewing when classes are placed.


6.    The show sign (placard) sent with your entry confirmation should be used as your Video Entry placard.  Fill in the horse, rider, Class #, Level and Test #. Be sure that the filled in information is legible and large enough to be read on the video. 


The placard has an entry number assigned to the specific horse/rider combination.  Please do not use the placard for any other horse/rider combination other than the one assigned.  Important note:  Do not display the placard Entry number on the horse or rider.  Wearing an entry number is a violation of the WDAA ROSGE and the video submission will be rejected.

7. You may enter as many classes as you want per horse/rider combination, however, classes must be in a maximum of two consecutive levels. 

8.    This show does not qualify for 2020 CAWDA High Points.  It is a separate CAWDA event and ribbons and prizes will be awarded for this show only.


9.    This show does qualify for WDAA Lifetime Points.  For information on WDAA Lifetime Awards, see

10. The judge's decision is final and there is no provision for a formal protest.