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Home2018 High Point Breed Award Rules

CAWDA High Point Breed Award Program

Are you competing on your favorite Arabian, Quarter Horse, mule, Appaloosa or other equine breed? Show your support for your best horse by sponsoring a CAWDA Breed Recognition award.

CAWDA is offering an award to the highest scoring horse nominated by its registered breed in conjunction with the CAWDA High Point program. This is a sponsored award; only sponsored breeds will be eligible.

Sponsorships are $100 per breed. Any breed may be sponsored including a “Unknown Breed/Unregistered Breed” horse. Sponsors will be listed in our eNews monthly for a full year and on our website and will be recognized at our year end awards banquet.

To sponsor a breed award, send your check and the breed you wish to sponsor to CAWDA, PO Box 44, Sunland, CA 91041.

To nominate your favorite four-legged competitor for a breed award, you must

1) meet division qualifications under the CAWDA Statewide High Point program and submit scores in accordance with CAWDA program rules;

2) mail in a copy of your nominated equine’s registration papers to the following address: CAWDA P.O. Box 44, Sunland, CA 91041 no later than November 1, 2018. If you are nominating an Unknown Breed/Unregistered Breed, send us a note at NOTE: We must have your nomination on file in order to be considered for a breed award.

The Horse within its breed category with the highest points will win the Breed Award. Highest points will be calculated by the Horse’s top five scores submitted and totaled.

Intro and Freestyle scores to count regardless of rider’s status (i.e, Open, Amateur, Youth).

Horse may be ridden by more than one rider; top five scores will be selected from all riders’ scores combined.

No equitation, suitability, hack or other “flat” classes to count.

In case of a tie, highest single score submitted will determine the winner.

Refer to the CAWDA Statewide High Point rules for eligibility and any circumstances not documented here.