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CAWDA High Point Fees

We at the California Western Dressage Association realize that participating in horse shows can be expensive. When the board proposed the high point program, our focus was to keep costs down by including schooling shows, open shows and combined events shows.

The CAWDA requires show organizations participating in the CAWDA High Point Shows to remit $3 per western dressage entry to the CAWDA. The $3 fee is identified on the show program as the CAWDA High Point fee. This fee is used to offset the cost of the high point program. There are no other fees paid to the CAWDA, nor does the CAWDA request any other fees from shows or participants for the high point program.

CAWDA does not require or collect any per class fee. It does not request show management to identify which classes will qualify for the High Point. CAWDA Members can submit any test from a High Point designated show for inclusion in their high point score calculation.

The CAWDA is not responsible and has no control over cost of classes, grounds fees or special fees such as “office” or “processing” fees. Any other costs listed on the show premium are at the discretion of show management and are paid to the show management. Any awards or ribbons given by show management are by decision of the show management, and CAWDA has no stake or influence over these.