2017 High Point Breed Award Winners

Congratulations to all our 2017 High Point Breed Award Winners!

2017 High Point American Paint Horse Winner

I’ll Be A Scarlet Moon

387.2450 pts.



Sponsored by:

Katrina Sanders & Pirate On Deck


2017 High Point American Quarter Horse Winner

Hotrod Tigerlee

356.0530 pts.

Sponsored by:

Deborah Barron


2017 High Point American Sport Pony Winner

Fantasma's Moonshine

296.9830 pts.

Sponsored by:

In Honor of Horse Show Moms


2017 High Point Andalusian/Andalusian Cross Winner

Luna Nueva

390.4820 pts.

Sponsored by:

McGinnis Training Center


2017 High Point Appaloosa Winner

Flynn Skywalker

345.9820 pts.

Sponsored by:

Foresee Horse Company in memory of Cowboy Justice


2017 High Point Arabian Horse Winner

Khathena Bey

387.44 pts.

Sponsored by:

Annie Bowers


2017 High Point Colonial Spanish Horse Winner

El Campeon's Cochise

371.6000 pts.

Sponsored by:

El Campeon Farms


2017 High Point Gypsy Vanner Winner

Flynt Hylls Finian's Rainbow

380.0750 pts.

Sponsored by:

Vineyard Oak Dressage Training


2017 High Point Thoroughbred Winner

Show Me The Money

343.0000 pts.

Sponsored by:

Mea Tahi


2017 High Point Unregistered Horse Winner

Deesyl Mac

376.0500 pts.

Sponsored by:

North Star Farms


2017 High Point Warmblood/Warmblood Cross Winner


369.5000 pts.

Sponsored by:

The Descon Company